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Zero Compromise on Waterproofing!

December 15, 2016 - 4:30 pm

In line with TDHC’S high respect for customers and the environment, and with our belief that homes are meant to be safe havens built to last for generations, we have come up with cutting-edge anti- waterproofing solutions.

One cannot deny that humidity is one of the most common problems faced in Lebanese houses, regardless of the age of buildings or projects, especially in high-risk areas like bathrooms and kitchens. Constant moist can eventually seep under paint, often in corners and where the sink, tub, or shower surrounds the drywall. The first problem alert is usually a brownish water stain, followed by peeling paint or swelling along drywall edges and layers. Whether visible or not, humidity could be one of the worst factors that jeopardize both your health and investment.  


It is good to know that the ideal relative humidity for health and comfort is about 40 to 50%. In winter, it may have to be lower than 40% to avoid condensation on the windows. For this reason, TDHC has conceived a proprietary waterproofing system called “Pro-active”: an innovative 6 layer-integrated waterproofing and insulation system. It benefits and protects your house and the environment at the same time: it deals with rainwater granting it a draining path to stop it from accumulation; it is also equipped with a defense mechanism to seamlessly protect the building in case of a problematic event.

Thanks to its well-called proactive membranes, water ingress is fully obstructed making sure your house is 100% dry in all seasons and weather conditions.

We have meticulously considered all the possibilities and built the best defense for your most valuable asset: your home. Our system is purposely designed to pass the most important test, that of time!


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