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The Gas Boiling System at Bouyout Daroun: Save Money, and the Environment!

December 16, 2016 - 2:01 pm

Quality of life is not a privilege, it is a right The Democratic Housing Corporation is reclaiming, one project at a time. Intensely green and decidedly modern, Bouyout Daroun is purposefully designed to promote an active, healthy, and outdoor lifestyle. It has been voted the leading low-rise project at Real Estate Awards Lebanon 2014 based on its dynamic architecture, novel concept, and respect for the environment. 

TDHC is a different kind of property developer. We believe everyone has the right to own a high-quality home and lead a healthy life with pride and individuality. We are democratizing home ownership and empowering people to live the lives they deserve. Our viewpoint on sustainability is clear: it should be simple while saving the environment without jeopardizing people’s budgets. In line with these ground-breaking concepts, Bouyout Daroun, the all-exclusive project developed by TDHC, features the new gas water heating system  that boasts a successful history in Europe. It is also the number-one water heating method in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Italy. The system consists of a compact wall hung-design unit characterized with high-efficiency. While the traditional boilers  occupy huge areas, this gas boiling system is extremely space-saving, delivers reliable performance with low emissions at highest efficiency, allowing you to save a significant amount of energy compared to traditional heating methods. It is worth mentioning that one unit is enough for one entire apartment, whether for running water or heating purposes.

Bouyout Daroun confidently brings you a creative blend: a modern, environmentally-friendly boiler mixed with the ultra-efficiency of pioneering technology. This economical solution preferred by many households provides hot water on demand by heating water straight from your supply. You only heat the water you use, getting unlimited hot water whenever you need it because it heats water straight from the mains.

Yes, we continue to believe that everyone has the right to a quality home without compromises. TDHC projects combine consumer insight, innovation, quality design, superior construction standards, and value. We are the bridge between your aspirations and reality where homes should be more than mere spaces you live in.


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